About us

Osho Meditation Festival is a platform to experience and explore our inner world, based on the main legacy of the mystic Osho – his meditations and meditative therapies. All techniques are facilitated by experienced facilitators around the world in a complete way without skipping or adding anything.

Dhyana Vargas

Dhyana Vargas (born in Colombia and lives in Germany since 2003) is a graphic designer, event organiser, meditation facilitator and sufi whirling teacher.


After her work experience in the advertising world she felt the urgency to discover herself and gain more understanding about life. This search took her to Berlin where she met the OSHO Active Meditations; amazed by the awareness and clarity she got through these techniques and with the desire of sharing her experience, she became a certified meditation facilitator in Berlin as well as in Pune, India. Her passion for sufi whirling took her to Turkey where she has learned different sufi techniques directly from the sufi mystics.


Currently she offers OSHO Meditations and OSHO meditative therapies, and teaches Sufi Whirling around the world.


She is the creator of  OSHO Meditation Colombia, Whirling in Berlin as well as the Conscious Dance Festival Berlin/Barcelona.

This encounter with meditation changed her life and showed her the path for inner growth, allowing her to connect with her creativity and intuition.

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